Terms & Conditions

1.0 Definitions And Interpretation:

1.1 The following terms as used herein shall have the meaning as stated:

“Company” means Artificial Grass NE Limited T/A Artificial Grass NE Limited;

“Conditions” means these conditions of supply;

“Confidential information” means any information disclosed by one (the disclosing party) to another (the receiving party) if the disclosing party has notified the receiving party that the information is confidential or the information could reasonably be supposed to be confidential;

“Contract” means any contract between the company and the customer for the supply of any goods and/or services, incorporating these conditions;

“Customer” means any person, firm, company or other organisation who is the addressee of the company’s quotation or acceptance of order issued by the company and shall include any successor-in-title of the customer and any company or entity arising (wholly or partly) by way of any merger, amalgamation, reorganisation or acquisition of the customer;

“Delivery point” means the place where delivery of any goods is to take place under clause 5;

“Goods” means any goods or materials agreed in the contract to be supplied by the company to the customer (including any part or parts of them), including any goods agreed to be supplied with, or in relation to, any services;

“input material” means any documents, plans, drawings, designs or other materials, and any data or other information provided by the customer to the company relating to the goods and/or services;

“Intellectual property rights” means any design rights, utility models, patents, inventions, logos, business names, trademarks, domain names, copyright, moral rights, rights in databases, source codes, reports, drawings, specifications, know how, trade secrets, rights in software, rights in the nature of unfair competition and the right to sue for passing off and any other equivalent or similar rights to any of the foregoing in any jurisdiction, whether registered or unregistered;

“Output material” means any documents, plans, drawings, designs or other materials, and any data or other information provided by the company to the customer relating to the goods and/or services;

“Services” means any services agreed in the contract to be performed by the company for the customer (including any part or parts of them) including any installation works to be undertaken in relation to any goods;

“site” means the premises at which the delivery of any goods and/or the performance of any services shall take place, including the customer’s place of business;

“Supplies” means the goods and/or the services, depending on the context.

“Working hours” means between 09.00 and 17.00 on Monday to Friday inclusive, excluding any public or bank holidays.

2.0 All samples, descriptive matter, specifications and advertising issued by the company and any descriptions, illustrations, drawings, photographs or displays (including those relating to colours, materials, finishes, weights, sizes and dimensions), published in the company’s catalogues or brochures or on the company’s website are issued or published for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the goods and services described. they shall not form part of the contract and this is not a sale by sample.

3.0 The company has no obligation to accept any variation to the contract requested by the customer, whether by addition, substitution or omission (or, without limitation, to the goods/and or services to be provided under the contract) and no such request shall be deemed to be accepted in the absence of the company’s written agreement to the variation.

4.0 After 14 days, no order of the customer may be cancelled, varied, altered or deferred by the customer, except with the agreement in writing of the company and on terms that the customer shall indemnify the company in full against all loss (including loss of profit), costs (including the cost of all labour and materials used), damages, charges and expenses incurred by the company as a result of such cancellation, variation, alteration or deferment.

5.0 Where the services involve structural work, the company recommends that professional advice is sought by the customer from a structural engineer before any services are undertaken and the cost of doing so shall be for the customer’s sole account. the company shall not be responsible for any failure by the customer to seek appropriate professional advice as aforesaid or be responsible for any liability, costs, charges or expenses associated therewith.

6.0 The customer shall not, without the prior written consent of the company, whether acting on the customer’s own account, on behalf of, or with any other person (including any person which the customer directs to act on its behalf), at any time from the date of first provision of the services to the expiry of 6 months after the last date of supply of the services, solicit or entice away from the company or employ (or attempt to employ) or otherwise engage or attempt to engage the services of any person who is, or has been, engaged as an employee, consultant or subcontractor of the company in the provision of the services.

7.0 Due to the molecular structure of the material, artificial grass creases when rolled. creases will fall out within three months of delivery or installation. the goods shall not be deemed to be defective if when delivered or installed there are creases within the goods.

8.0 The company endeavours to reduce the visibility of seams in the goods. however, seams are occasionally visible due to the molecular structure of the material and seam visibility shall not be deemed to constitute a defect in the goods.

8.1 Artificial grass will in some circumstances curl, flatten and crush. the extent of this will depend on the extent of its usage and the amount of traffic passing over it and this shall not be deemed to amount to a defect in the goods.

8.2 Artificial grass from different batches of manufacture may differ slightly in colour. the company will in respect of any one order supply artificial grass from the same batch. However, artificial grass supplied under different orders is unlikely to be from the same batch and therefore may differ in colour. any such colour variation shall not be deemed to constitute a defect in the goods

9.0 Artificial Grass NE is not responsible for any packaging that may remain within the product or foreign bodies that could be used to secure Easigrass during transit. The customer must check the product thoroughly before installation for any foreign bodies that could have been used to secure or package the product, this would include but isn’t limited to; staples, sticky tape, plastic, hessian and cardboard.

10.0 The customer and the company agree that in the course of the company providing supplies to the customer, the parties may disclose to each other certain confidential information. the customer and the company agree that each party will maintain the confidential information’s confidentiality and not disseminate it to any third party without the disclosing party’s prior written consent, save that this obligation shall not apply to any confidential information that either party has a duty(whether legal or otherwise) to communicate or that is in the public domain or is already in the receiving party’s possession through no fault of the receiving party_ the customer and the company agree not to use any confidential information for any purpose other than the discharge of the receiving party’s obligations under the contract.

11.0 The Artificial Grass North East warranty is a manufacturer’s warranty on all of our artificial grass products and a genuine one that gives all of our customers the peace of mind that the grass will last for a minimum of 8 years. please remember the golden rule-artificial grass is low maintenance not maintenance free. We recommend all customers subscribe to our annual maintenance package which will refresh and maintain performance of the surface every year. (if it has moss or algae it may become slippery so it is best to have this removed. annual shedding of leaves and airborne spores can be easily removed.)

11.1 The warranty does not include settlement or subsequent undulation of any base work due to a host of reasons, i.e. dead roots, tubers, mares tail, Japanese knot weed, live tree roots, bamboo, wild animal burrows, neighbour’s building work, surrounding excavations, general settlement of new build sites, or flood plain water. If this occurs after the installation Artificial Grass North East can assist with a recalibration of the base but this will be at a small cost subject to the garden size.

12.0 Along with other reflective items such as windows, structures and mirrors that can damage your grass through reflection you have to be aware that if you have Bi Fold Doors that are facing the direct sun light when half opened they too can create a prism and damage/singe your grass.

12.1 Unfortunately, any damage caused as a result of this prism burning effect is not covered under our product warranty. The temperatures that can be created as a result of a prism can ben well over 200 Degrees
The warranty does not cover:

burns, cuts, accidents, vandalism, abuse, negligence or neglect; Japanese knot weed, bamboo, mare’s tail, giant hogweed, tree root growth or any other external horticultural influence;

Wild animals, including badgers, moles, foxes and any non-domestic pet;

Dogs, cats, rabbits or any other domestic pet;

Reflections from mirrors and/or glass onto the goods;

Subsidence caused by ground movement, local excavations and/or tree roots;

Drainage defects or deficiencies on the sub-base and/or its surrounding area;

Wear or abrasion caused by an inadequate sub-base;

Any harmful chemical reaction to the goods caused by infill materials;

The application of improper cleaning methods;

The use of cleaning chemicals, herbicides or pesticides;

Force majeure or other conditions beyond the reasonable control of the company;

Post fibrillation after or during installation for any purpose other than to put the infill materials in place;

Or any failure to properly maintain, protect or repair the goods.

13.0 All goods are subject to normal wear and tear, in addition to the factors mentioned above, wear and tear depends on the intensity of use of the goods. normal intensity of use is considered to be 30-60 hours of use on average per week with the condition that each player is deemed to have the use of at least 125 square metres on the field. the company does not warrant against normal wear and tear under the 8 year warranty. the company shall not be responsible for any warranty issued or made by the customer to third parties, including any warranty made by the customer with respect to the useful life of the goods. the customer should carefully read the latest versions of the company’s product information materials, literature and recommendations regarding product maintenance and performance optimisation.

14.0 The company reserves the right without prior approval from or notice to the customer to make any changes in the specification of the goods and/or services which are required to conform to any applicable safety or other statutory or regulatory requirements or which, in the reasonable opinion of the company, do not materially affect the specification of the goods and/or services.

15.0 All silica sand and specialist infills when first installed can leave small residues on and around the surface of the newly installed grass however this is nothing to worry about as within a short period of regular use it will eventually end up right in the base of the grass. This residue is more prominent when using the volcanic ash infills but once again over the course of time will end up in the base of the grass

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