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Artificial grass in the back garden here in the North East is our most popular service, unlike the front this is where we spend most of our time in the garden. The problem is most people want to enjoy the garden not work in it.

Artificial lawns installed in the back is a superb idea for lots of reasons, low maintenance, no mud being trailed through the house, and also great for kids and pets.


People are finding less and less time to maintain their gardens and cut their lawn due to busy work schedules or even due to bad weather. Having artifical grass installed allows you to enjoy your space no matter the time of year or how busy you have been you can rely on coming home to find your lawn looking as amazing as it did when it was installed.

Give your kids an area they can use on a daily basis without wrecking the lawn and bringing mud in through the house. Give us a call to convert your area into an all year round usable space.



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Key Benefits of the Service

The benefits for having us install artifical grass in your back garden are massive. It will look great all year round and with minimum maintenance you can enjoy your garden with your friends and family anytime you like.

  No more dead and patchy grass
  Pet friendly and great for dog owners
  Children will love it
  Very low maintenance needed
  No more mud and mess

Here at Artificial North East we have thousands of installations we have done in private home back gardens. Our installers are second to none at professionally installing our grass delivering fantastic results every time.
Our artificial grass installers and landscapers have not come across an installation that they could not do. No matter the size or complexity we will strive to transform your garden or space to the best of our ability.
We are committed to transforming your back garden into a safe and clean environment for all of the family to use with the peace of mind that you have an 8 year guarantee and very low maintenance to keep your garden looking fantastic

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