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When it comes to making your garden a place you love to spend time in, it couldn’t be easier with Easigrass. Easigrass is recognised as one of the leading artificial grass firms in the world and they have been present for the huge rise in popularity of this style of surface. There are so many benefits available from choosing this style of surface but the fact that it looks great all year round is a major bonus. The fact that there is very little need for upkeep is also of considerable benefit to home owners. Many different forms of gardens can benefit from this style of lawn and no matter what look you are going for, Easigrass makes it easier. There is no need to toil in the garden to get great results and Easigrass can help you to have a stunning garden all year round. Say goodbye to mud, mess, weeds and working hard. If you are in Newcastle or anywhere in the North East and want a pet and child friendly garden that is clean and safe, this is the artificial grass that provides fun for all the family.


The range of Easigrass artificial grass products and the system make it the perfect choice for any home or family. If you are keen to create a consistent and stunning backdrop to your home, this is the garden system to rely on. Artificial grass can be enjoyed all year round, which means that your home and garden can be the social hub for you and your friends. Even if you have pets you can look after them in a safe and easy manner, which is definitely of considerable benefit to home owners. When it comes to kids, you know that you can play football all year long while it doesn’t how much running, jumping and sliding your children get up to, the grass will still look in fantastic condition. While artificial grass surfaces are more commonly associated with back gardens, Easigrass can have them installed at the front or at the side. No matter where you want your garden to look great in Newcastle, we can help.


For front lawns, we can take the stress out of tending to this part of the garden. This is the area most exposed to visitors and passing comment, so ensure that you always make a positive impression. Tending for a front lawn can often be difficult to the size or shape of the garden area but with Easigrass, you have nothing to worry about. You can say goodbye to mowing or watering your front lawn and you will not drag in any mud or dirt into your home.


If you are a parent that wants to encourage your kids to be healthy, athletic and energetic, artificial grass is the perfect solution. The kids can run, jump, kick and bat all day long, every day, with no impact on how the garden looks. There will also be no mud or dirt being dragged into your home, helping you to keep your house in brilliant condition as well. For a happy and healthy home life in Newcastle Sunderland or Durham, Easigrass grass can go a long way to making your family smile.

Artificial grass is also suitable for patios, pool sides, balconies and play areas. No matter what the outlook of your property is or how you like to relax, there will be a way for you to relax in comfort and style. When it comes to making life easier while also improving the quality and condition of your home, you will find that installing Easigrass is the best idea you’ve ever had. When it comes to having the best looking garden in Newcastle, there is only one artificial grass solution you need.