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Natural Colours

Our coveted products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards. They should never be confused with cheap, inadequate imitation. We pride ourselves on the natural colours of our artificial grass, which always looks fresh and vibrant regardless of the season.

Minimal Upkeep

One of the biggest pulls towards artificial grass is that it needs minimal maintenance. While traditional grass requires lots of mowing and upkeep, our artificial grass means you can spend more time enjoying your garden. All that is required is a single yearly maintenance session and an occasional hose down if you own pets.


We offer an 8-year warranty against fading with all installations as standard, just for your peace of mind.

Wide Range Of Uses

For more than 30 years now, our products have covered a broad range of uses. These include but are not limited to; artificial golf surfaces, stunning grass for your home, child-safe school grass and pet-friendly lawns.

Pet Friendly

Our pet friendly artificial grass is the perfect terrain for your furry friends to enjoy. Mud, urine stains and torn grass will be a thing of the past when you transform your lawn with us today.

Our pesticide free artificial grass is the ideal way to create a safe garden for your pets to have fun, roll around and do their business. Enjoy a realistic look and feel with our pesticide free artificial grass. Request a quote today!

Child Friendly

We supply and install child friendly artificial grass homes, schools and nurseries. Your little ones can enjoy plenty of mess free fun with our safe and secure products. Our artificial grass is clean, safe and, best of all, easy to maintain! Mud will be a thing of the past with our child friendly artificial grass. Contact us today for your free site visit and to get a quote!

Front Garden

Be the envy of your street with our beautifully eye-catching artificial grass! All of our artificial grass is durable and made to last, making it ideal for your front garden. Defend the look of your home from the elements with our mess and mud free artificial grass. Get in touch for your free front garden quote today!

Back Garden

Your family can enjoy hours of fun and relaxation with our back garden artificial grass! Our products are beautiful yet practical, making them the perfect way to upgrade your back garden. From children to pets, everyone will love our back garden artificial grass! Contact us today for your free back garden quote!

Sports/Putting Green

Our sports and putting green artificial grass is ideal for the sports fan in your life. Enjoy playing golf all year round and from the comfort of your own home with our bespoke sport and putting green grass.

This grass type is ideal for sports fans of all ages. Practice your skills, relax after work or just have fun. Being busy will never get in the way of your favourite sports again! From a roof terrace to an area of your garden, you can now have a green wherever you please. Get in touch for your free quote today! 


Our clean, durable and hassle free artificial grass is ideal for events and exhibitions alike. All of our artificial grass is eye-catching and practical, making it ideal for commercial settings. Artificial grass can suit all manner of commercial events and exhibitions. Get in touch for your free commercial quote today!