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Knightsbridge Injects Colour into this Split Level Yard in Swalwell.

Job specifications

Location : Swalwell, Gateshead
Easigrass : Knightsbridge
Size : 16sq/m
Duration : 1/2 Day

Plastic lawn looks great in this Swalwell back garden


Mrs D had already used Easigrass on her front in Swalwell Gateshead. She contacted us about her back garden which was mainly paved with gravel borders. She still needed to use it for a driveway but wanted some colour brought into her already low maintenance area. 

She chose the same grass that she had on her front lawn as she loved the colour and texture of the fake turf. The team had to ensure the pin curbs that separated the driveway were in good order as they had sunk over time. Once this had been done they set about the normal installation procedure of removing the existing surface and installing our own base proven to work when installing artifical lawns. 



After installing our crushed stone the area is compacted before adding the final layer of grit and sand. As seen in the photos this is then screeded so they are left with a level surface ready for the fake lawn to be laid on top.

We use silica sand which is evenly distributed over the lawn before being mechanically brushed in to add weight to the lawn and keep the blades standing up and looking great. The final process is to brush the whole area and hose down the lawn rinsing off any residue sand into the base of the synthetic turf leaving this artificial grass installation in Swalwell looking superb.  

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