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Nursery in Seaham Goes Green with Artificial Grass Play Area

Job specifications

Location : Seaham, County Durham
Easigrass : Kensington
Size : 114sq/m
Duration : 2 Days

Children's play Area in Seaham is Overhauled with Fake Grass by Easigrass

Easigrass were contacted last year with regards to a project that a local nursery were looking to undertake which included having artificial grass installed into one of their main playing areas for the children. There was going to be building work that needed to be completed first followed by installing our own Easigrass. The head teacher decided to go with our Easi-Kensington due to its hard wearing characteristics that would withstand a large number of children playing on it.


We went home for the holidays and returned to a fantastic new lawn for our children to play on. A very hassle free process for us with excellent results.

Mrs S - Seaham


Our installation teams turned up to the school with the aim of completing the job within two days. As well as the grass the nursery had ordered shock pad to go under the grass to make the area safer again for the children to play on. The entire area had to be strip of the existing mud and turf leaving a fresh canvas for our team to work from. They set about installing our own aggregate base that has been used on thousands of installations across the country. Once they have the aggregate in place it is compacted down to create a hard base for the grass to be laid on. The top layer is spread about so we have a perfectly flat surface to work from.

Once the base is complete it is time to install the shock pad. This is made up of recycled rubber into 2 square meter jigsaw sheets. They are laid in place and held together with the jigsaw edges. This is the final stage before the grass is laid out. The grass is unrolled into place and held down with kiln dry sand so we can set the joins and trim the edges. Once the joins are in place the sand is mechanically brushed into the base of the lawn acting as a weight. The residue sand is then lightly hosed off leaving the lawn finished and looking amazing compared to how it started. 


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