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Sunderland Small Back Garden Gets a New False Lawn

Job specifications

Location : Ryehope, Sunderland
Easigrass : Kensington
Size : 16sq/m
Duration : 1 Day

Small Sunderland Back Garden Transformed with Fake Lawn 



Mr and Mrs P who live in Ryehope, Sunderland in Tyne and Wear only have a small lawned area in their back garden and as you can see from the photos it struggles to grow and is not very pleasing to the eye. They called us at Artificial Grass North East and Easigrass and asked us to come and give them a quote. We arrived with our grass samples and allowed them to have a thorough look at them. we placed them on the lawn to try and give an idea of how the colour will look in natural light. They chose Easi-kensington for its thick 35mm pile and dark green colour. This range of false grass is also very hard wearing and great for kids and dogs or just for the aesthetics of it. An order was placed and they joined our installation queue.

The team arrived to install the grass. The only small obstacle was the steps to and from the garden but with small boards this was over come. The current grass surface was removed and taken away. In this case there was certain parts of the lawn deeper which required a further dig out to get the levels we needed to work from. The first layer of our aggregate base was installed and was compacted down using a whacking machine. This helps create a solid base to work from and avoid sinkage. The next layer of aggregate is added which again is whacked down but is then screeded so the surface is perfectly flat.


Great job done by great lads and I love the new grass.

Mrs P - Ryehope, Sunderland Tyne and Wear


Once the base has been installed it is nearly time to install the chosen fake grass. The team lay the geotextile weed barrier next and pin it down. The grass carpet comes in a 4 meter roll and is laid over the area roughly and is held in place temporarily with bags of kiln dried sand whilst they trim the grass and set any joins in the lawn. Once this has been done the bags of kiln dried sand are poured into a dispenser and evenly distributed across the lawn to act as a weight and keep the lawn in place.

After a quick hose down this new artificial grass installation in Ryehope looks fantastic and is ready to use. 

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