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Riding Mill Back Garden Overhauled With Easi-Belgravia

Job specifications

Location : Riding Mill, Northumberland
Easigrass : Belgravia
Size : 22sq/m
Duration : 1 Day

Easi-Belgravia Bringing a Dead Lawn to Life in Riding Mill, Northumberland

Mr and Mrs M have a small back garden in Riding Mill, Northumberland set on split levels of decking, lawn and paving. The area is considerably lower than the surrounding walls of the house, fencing and trees. This causes the current lawn to struggle with growth and is patchy and a muddy mess when it rains. They called Easigrass after finding us online and requested we quoted them for the works. 


When I came home from work and had a look in my garden it was a massive change. It looks fab the guys have done a great job.

Mrs M - Riding Mill, Northumberland 


The access was very poor with over 30 steps down to the garden via the side of the house. This in turn slows the installation down as all of the work needs to be done using tubs rather that wheelbarrows. The team set about a standard install removing the existing lawn and installing our own aggregate base. As seen in the photos they installed crushed stone which is yellow in colour and is compacted using whacker plates creating a solid base. The following stage which is red in colour is the grit and sand which we screed to create a smooth perfectly flat finish ready for the grass to be laid on to. 

Once the grass is laid onto the new surface it is cut to shape taking time to ensure every cut is precise and accurate making it look as realistic as possible. the turf is then covered evenly with kiln dried sand and mechanically brushed in so the sand sits on the base of the turf helping the blades keep upright and weighting the grass down.

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