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what an Impact False Grass has on Rowlands Gill Front Garden

Job specifications

Location : Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear
Easigrass : Chelsea
Size : 28sq/m
Duration : 1 Day

Rowlands Gill Front Garden Converted with Fake Grass and Looks Amazing 

Mr and Mrs B contacted us at Artificial Grass North East via our website. They were having work done to their front garden at their bungalow in Rowlands Gill and they wanted to make it as low maintenance as possible whilst still looking realistic. We visited the couple and showed them the easigrass range whilst measuring the garden. Once they had chosen the false turf sample they liked we were able to give them a quote right there for the work. After seeing and feeling the quality of the grass they decided quickly that this is what they want and placed an order for 28 square meters of our Chelsea range.


A great job by great lads. The grass looks fantastic we are very pleased

Mrs B - Rowlands Gill

The order was placed and they were entered into our fitting queue. Shortly after our installation team arrived to install the new fake grass. The garden has had a new brick wall built meaning the levels of the job slight changed when we arrived. It was uneven and after the couple had trees removed needed raising with our aggregate base to meet where the brick started and the breeze block finished. The installers removed what they had to in terms of turf and then set about installing the full garden with a new compacted aggregate base. This allows us to work from a strong hard surface to ensure we get the job flat with no sinkage. 

The second aggregate base which is made up of grit and sand is again compacted down and is then screeded flat. After applying the geotextile weed membrane the ground is then ready for the grass to be laid. The installers lay the grass out where it is needed then weight it down with bags of kiln dried sand by lying them on the surface ensuring the lawn does not move whilst they cut and join the grass. once the lawn is cut to size and the join has been finished the team the distribute the kiln dried sand with a spreader before they mechanically brush it into the base of the lawn. This helps weight the lawn down and is not visible whilst looking at the lawn. 

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