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Back Garden in Hebburn Gets new Fake Lawn and Golf Putting Green

Job specifications

Location : Hebburn, Tyne and Wear
Easigrass : Chelsea
Easigrass : Wentworth
Size : 23sq/m
Size : 16sq/m
Duration : 1 Day

Hebburn Back Garden Has Artificial Grass Putting Green Installed



Mr and Mrs P called Easigrass to give them a quote to have their back garden converted with our award winning fake turf. Mr P also wanted to include a putting green so he could practice his golf at home. We visited the property and showed the couple the range we have. Their main reason for this is to make the garden low maintenance so what better than to get rid of the lawn cutting. Mr and Mrs P chose Chelsea for their main grass and wanted us to install a putting green on one of the corners which is Wentworth. The order was placed now there was just a small wait for the fitting teams to arrive. 



We are really pleased with how the lawn looks its just fantastic

Mrs P - Hebburn, Tyne and Wear 


The installers arrived to fit the new lawn but have to remove the old lawn first. Using turf cutters they remove the top surface down to a max level of 80mm. Once removed they are left with a blank canvas for them to install our proven aggregate base. The base is made up of 2 man layers. Firstly we use a crushed stone (dolomite) and compact this down using a whacker plate. This creates a hard base for us to lay the next layer of ballast which is mix of sand and grit that we screed to create a perfectly flat surface. During the installation of the new base the team needed to install the new golf putting holes so that the base work is flush with the top of the holes. 

Following that the geotextile (weed barrier) is laid and pinned in place ready for the new fake lawn to be laid. The team lay the grass out where it will be finally laid and weight it down with bags of kiln dried sand so that it does not move during cutting and joining. Once cut and the joins are in place they then spread the kiln dried sand evenly over the surface before mechanically brushing it into the base of the lawn. After a light hose down to wash any residue sand off the new lawn is finished and looks amazing.

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