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Durham Back Garden Split Level Transformation

Job specifications

Location : Durham
Easigrass : Kensington
Size : 16sq/m
Duration : 0.75 Day

Durham Split Level Sanctuary

Synthetic Turf Makes Massive Impact on Durham Back Garden


Mrs H was looking for the perfect artificial grass to compliment her split level sanctuary in her back garden. She had real turf in the garden but it struggled to mow it due to the levels and it was hard to carry the lawn mower and to store it. She wanted to enjoy her garden but the upkeep was difficult due to the size and shape.

After listening to our advice she decided to go for our easily maintained and award winning Easi Kensington to have installed on her property. She wanted it to look perfect all year round and not have to worry about mud or cutting the grass. Life is too short!


It's wonderful. I can now enjoy my little sanctuary without the worry of maintaining it.  The Fitters worked so hard too!

Thank you 


When the fitters arrived they used the turf cutters to take the  original grass away down to the required depth. This is the time we prepare the ground for the aggregate, the aggregate is then compacted using the whacker plates thus creating a solid base for the guys to work from. When its a solid base we then move on to the next layer that is the sand and grit mixture which creates an essential level layer and we create this by screeding the mixture. Now it is time to lay the grass. We  lay the grass out and weight it down with the bags of sand and cut to the desired shape and size - then we lay the grass using a kiln dried sand to weigh it down and to keep the pile up. We use a mechanical brush to maximize the effect and really work the sand into the base of the Easigrass


We then hose the grass down so the sand is not on the grass and really embedded into the base of the product and to give it the wow factor for the customer.



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