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False Lawn has Massive Impact on Spennymoor Back Garden

Job specifications

Location : Spennymoor, County Durham
Easigrass : Knightsbridge
Size : 61sq/m
Duration : 2 Days

Fake Grass Has Huge Impact On This Back Garden in Spennymoor

We were contacted by Mr and Mrs W who wanted us to have a look at their back garden as they were sick of having a dull lawn that wouldn't grow well. They invested in their garden last year having new paving installed around the house creating a patio area and wanted it finished off with our artificial grass. As you can see from the pictures the turf never really took to the garden and with having young children and a dog it was never going to get the chance to grown. They wanted a lawn that would last them a very long time and could withstand the pressure of the kids playing on it. 


We are chuffed to bits with how the garden looks. The Easigrass sets it all off beautifully. Thanks guys

Mrs W - Spennymoor, County Durham


We visited the property and showed the family the grass samples. It wasn't long before they chose the knightsbridge range due to its hard wearing nature and its short pile. They placed an order and the team set about planning the install and arranging a date. A short time later our installers arrived to start the process. They firstly had to remove the existing turf leaving a blank canvas for them to work from. Once removed they then started putting in the first layer of crushed stone so it can be compacted down creating a hard base to work from. Once this was installed the next layer of ballast which is sand and grit is applied to the surface and evenly spread. This again is compacted down before then being hand screeded so we are left with a perfectly flat surface to lay our grass on.

We add the relevant weed membranes and set about laying the fake grass. When we install the grass we lay it out in the position we want and then we weight the grass down by putting kiln dried sand on the top so it doesn't move when we are cutting it to size. Once the fake grass is cut down and sitting in place the kiln dried sand is then evenly distributed across the grass area and mechanically brushed into the base of the lawn. Lastly the team give the newly installed artificial grass in Spennymoor a light hose down washing any remaining sand into the base, leaving it looking amazing. 


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Another Fantastic Installation in Spennymoor


Job specifications

Location : Spennymoor, County Durham
Easigrass : Mayfair
Size : 52sq/m
Duration : 2 Days

Spennymoor Back Garden Gets A New False Lawn From Easigrass 

Mr A called us here at Artificial Grass North East requesting we gave him a quotation on his back garden to install our award winning Easigrass. He was from the area and had heard of us before and seen our work and liked what he saw. We visited his property and after assessing the area we were able to show the couple our fake grass range. They chose the Mayfair which is our most luxurious sitting at 45mm high and very thick and soft. We gave them a quotation there and then and they decided to place an order straight away with our surveyor. 

Our team back at the office set up the job pack and arranged an installation date with our customers. Our installation team turned up shortly after this to install the new lawn. As you can see from the photos the lawn was very patchy and the grass was long in places. They removed the current lawn down to our required depth and disposed of the waste. This left them with a blank canvass to install the new Mayfair artificial lawn. ON this particular job the team had to extend the sleeper border to create a raised border which was done at this point. The team now have to build the level of the lawn up with an aggregate base. They firstly use dolomite which is crushed stone. This is compacted using our compacted plates leaving us with a hard base to work from. The next layer is called granno dust which is a gritty mixture. This is levelled off and again compacted so there is no sinkage leaving the new base ready for the next step. 


Smashing job and it looks lovely. Thanks to the team 

Mr A - Spennymoor, County Durham


With the base now complete the team set about laying out the weed membrane ready for the new lawn. The chosen grass is then rolled out in place and held down using bags of kild dried sand to prevent it moving around during cutting and joining. The grass is trimmed and the joints are set. the bags of sand are then split into a dispenser and the lawn is covered in kiln dried sand. This is then brushed into the base of the lawn using mechanical brushes ironing out any creases and weighting the lawn down. 

After a sweep up and a light hose down this new artificial grass installation in Spennymoor Durham is left looking magnificent. 


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