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Front Garden in Durham Gets a New Beautiful Fake Lawn by Easigrass

Job specifications

Location : Durham
Easigrass : Chelsea
Size : 48sq/m
Duration : 2 Days

Durham Front Garden Has a Dramatic Overhaul with Fake Lawn by Easigrass

Mrs K contacted us at Easigrass North East as herself and Mr K wanted to have heir front garden tidied up and made low maintenance. The ground was already gravelled but they wanted it more colourful and as low maintenance as possible. We visited the property to survey the gardens and work out how we would fit it to minimise wastage. We were able to show our customers the different artificial grass in our range so that they could chose which one they liked and would like a quote on. We always leave quotes there and then and were able to offer them a price they couldn’t refuse resulting in them placing an order for our Chelsea artificial grass. The order was sent through to our installations team who start preparing the job pack ready for the installation.


Thank you so much, I would also like to say what  fabulous colleagues you have. The 3 men who came to do my garden were absolutely brilliant. They were all so friendly and their work was better than excellent. I do not know where Michael gets his strength from. They all deserve a bonus. The paths and drive were left immaculate when they finished their work each day. I cannot recommend them  and your company enough. My garden and the front of my house is perfect. Thank you

Mrs Knight – Durham


Our team arrived to install the two front gardens. As usual the first task is to remove the current surface which are currently on the lawn area. There was gravel down which was removed by our team leaving a blank canvas for them to install the new base and grass. The new aggregate base is made up of two parts. they install crushed stone to start with or dolomite which is compacted using a whacker plate ensuring that there is no sinkage on the lawn. This surface acts as a fantastic weed barrier but isn’t solely responsible;e for weed control on our installation.

The next layer is added which is a gritty mix and is levelled off so that the entire surface is flat. This is then also compacted down followed by a re screed where needed leaving a perfectly flat hard and compact surface that will not sink with usage like sharp sand would. The team apply the geotextile weed barrier at this point and pin it down.

The next stage is to install the grass. The grass arrives on our vans cut to size and is rolled out in place. It is held down using bags of kiln dried sand so that it doesn’t move during cutting and joining. Once it has been cut in and all joins are set they apply the kiln dried sand to the grass surface using spreaders. This helps weight the lawn down. The sand is brushed into the base of the lawn using mechanical rotary brushes so that it sits at the base and out of sight.

After a quick brush and hose down the new artificial grass installation in Durham is left looking fantastic and will do for many years to come.


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