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Fake Grass Makes a Massive Improvement to Cramlington Back Garden

Job specifications

Location :Cramlington, Northumberland
Easigrass : Chelsea
Size : 32sq/m
Duration : 1 Day

Durham Back Garden Made Low Maintenance with Fake Turf 

Mr and Mrs B from Cramlington in Northumberland have a back garden that they want to be able to enjoy. At the moment it is an unattractive mess with no real direction. They contacted us at easigrass after a leaflet was put through their door as they wanted a quotation and some advice for where to start. We visited the property and seen that there was quite a lot of work to do but they wanted us to change the current weedy overgrown lawn into one of our award winning false lawns. They wanted somewhere to start from and by having the lawn replaced they could then move around the garden adding paving and borders. Mrs B picked our Chelsea range and placed an order for us to install the fake grass.


Great job by the lads the garden looks miles better. I cant wait to finish it so we can enjoy it for a change without it being a chore.

Mrs B - Cramlington, Northumberland 


Our team arrived to install the grass. The access was tight but they managed to get the wheelbarrows and machinery through. They start by stripping the existing turf and marking out the area for the new lawn. The existing grass needs to be relatively short prior to us arriving as if its too long it hinders the machinery from cutting the actual turf. On this particular install we installed a timber edge so that the customer had a distinctive border and the edge of the lawn would stay solid the shape it is. The timber frame is installed around the circumference of the new lawn so now the team can start installing our own aggregate base. This is made up of two parts. The first part is crushed stone called dolomite and is yellow in colour. This is compacted down using a whacker plate to ensure we have a hard surface to work from that wont sink over time. The next layer is ballast which is red in colour and is made up of grit, sand and small stones. This layer is levelled prior to compacting and after compacting to ensure that the top surface is perfectly flat. 

The team are nearing the end of the install now with the most important bit to come. The weed membrane is added and the new Chelsea artificial grass is laid out in position. The guys place full bags of kiln dried sand on top of the grass to hold it down whilst they trim and when necessary join the grass. In this case the false turf is wrapped over the timber frame which is level with the aggregate and it is pinned in place. The sand bags are removed and they are poured into a dispenser which then spreads the sand evenly across the entire lawn. This is then brushed into the base of the false turf using mechanical brushes. You cannot see the sand once it has been brushed in, it is installed to help weight the lawn down.

The fake grass is laid and the last job is to give it a quick rinse which clears and remaining loose sand and leaves it looking superb. Such an improvement and a great place to start from. Another great job by the easigrass installation team on this artificial grass installation in Cramlington.  



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