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Middleton St George Front Garden is Upgraded with Fake Lawn

Job specifications

Location : Middleton St George, Darlington
Easigrass : Kensington
Size : 71q/m
Duration : 2 Days

A stunning Front False Lawn in Middleton St George by Easigrass

Mrs G live in Middleton St George near Darlington and has a large house with a large front garden. She is a keen gardener but as is life things get harder as we get older and she is struggling with the maintenance of the large lawn. The lawn sprawls across the front of the house and works it way down the side. The side lawn struggles to grow due to be in the shade for most of the year due to trees and bushes growing up high on the border. Mrs G contacted us at Easigrass and asked for our help as the garden was getting on top of her. We visited her property to give her a quote on the work that needed doing. Mrs G looked at our sample range and chose to have a quote on our Kensington grass as she loved the full thick pile and the dark colour of the sample. She placed an order and and was placed into the installation queue. 

We arrived to start the install and due to the size of the job we had arranged for a skip to be delivered along with the aggregate needed which would save time travelling to and from the job. The team set about removing the current surface of the garden which in this case was grass.The waste is taken away and disposed of leaving the garden ready for the new aggregate base. Before preparing the area they set about installing the new soldier course of dark blocks that will be bordering our grass. Once this has been finished and the concrete has set they can start installing the new base. The first part is crushed stone (dolomite) and is compacted down using a whacker plate so that the ground is hard and wont sink. This gives a good solid base for us to finish the installation. The next layer is called ballast and is a mixture of grit and sand and is again compacted down. This layer is then screeded so that the garden is flat and has not lumps or bumps. 

the team lay out the weed barrier and pin it down. They then bring the chosen fake grass in and lay it out in place careful not to move the weed barrier. The grass is held down in place with full bags of kiln dried sand whilst the team trim the lawn to size and shape as this one had lots of curved edges as well as ensuring that all joints are set correctly. Once they have done this the bags are split and poured into a sand dispenser and evenly spread over the garden. This is followed by being mechanically brushed into the the base of the lawn leaving the lawn standing upright and looking fantastic. After a quick hose down and a sweep up this new artificial grass in Middleton St George is looking amazing and will do so for many years to come. 


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