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Birtley Front Garden Looks Superb with New False Lawn by Easigrass

Job 1 specifications

Location :Birtley, Tyne and Wear

Easigrass : Chelsea

Size : 15sq/m

Duration : 1 Day

Front Garden in Birtley gets Award Winning false Turf Installed

Mr and Mrs B contacted us at Artificial Grass North East as they have a small front lawn enclosed within a paved driveway and a wall and they wanted to make life easier by removing the need to maintain the lawn. We visited the property to show them the easigrass grass range we have to offer and in turn be able to provide a quote to have a new artificial grass lawn installed. They chose the Chelsea range due to its 40mm soft to touch pile. The order was placed and the office team start preparing for the install.

We are very happy with the new lawn/ The lads worked really hard especially with the roots we had

Mrs B – Birtley, Tyne and Wear

Our Easigrass installation team arrived to start the job. They had to firstly remove the current lawn that was in the garden and take the waste away. When they were doing this they across some large tree roots that would affect the new aggregate base and how the lawn sits. they had to remove parts of the of the roots which is a lot easier said than done. Next the team start to install the aggregate base made up of crushed stone which is compacted down to create a hard surface to work from. This is yellow in the photos. The ground is pretty much level at this point but to get it perfect we then install  second layer of aggregate made up of grit and sand called ballast and is red in colour. This is again compacted but then screeded to create a perfect flat surface. The team also installed a new railway sleeper edging which replaced the old smaller edging currently in place.

The weed membrane is added and the ground is now ready for the fake grass to be laid. The false turf is laid out over the area and is cut down to size before kiln dried sand is dispensed over the whole area to act as a weight and help the grass blades stand up. The sand is then mechanically brushed into the base of the lawn. The whole area is then cleaned up using an industrial blower removing any excess sand and making the new artificial grass installation in Bitley looking amazing.

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Birtley Back Garden Overhauled with Easigrass False Turf

Job 2 specifications

Location : Birtley, Tyne and Wear
Easigrass : Kensington
Size : 25sq/m
Duration : 1 Day

A Fantastic Transformation in This Birtley Back Garden with False Grass

Mrs B’s rear lawn is approximately 25sqm. She has lots of mini walls and other forms of landscaping surrounding and within the lawn. This included a dwarf wall at the bottom of the lawn which they wanted removed along with other gravel areas and have the lawn extended and artificial grass to be laid. The lawn wasn’t in bad condition but needed cut and maintained which Mrs B was looking to cut out.

We visited her property and showed her our grass samples whilst measuring the area to be grasses. She loved most of the range but decided to go for our kensington range as she loved the thick pile and dark colour of the grass. The order was placed and the office team set about preparing her job pack

Thank you Easigrass my lawn looks beautiful now and the two gentlemen who installed it were so polite and tidy.

Mrs B – Birtley

Our fitting team arrived to start the installation. The lawn area and the dwarf wall were removed and disposed of leaving the area ready for us to install the new base and the false lawn. They then start back in filling the area with a two part aggregate base and compact it using whacker plates giving us a hard base to work from. The last aggregate part is installed using the same techniques but is then screeded to ensure the surface is level and again compacted to ensure that there will be no sinkage.

Next the weed membranes are added and pinned down so it doesn’t move during the false grass install. The chosen grass is then laid out in position. This is held down as a temporary measure using bags of kiln dried sand. This is whilst the grass is trimmed and joint and stops the grass from moving. Lastly the kiln dried sand bags are split open and dispensed evenly across the garden. This is then brushed into the base of the grass using a mechanical brush which again helps weight the lawn down. Now the fake grass install is complete the team clean the area using a hose pipe and a blower leaving this new artificial grass instillation in Birtely looking fantastic.

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