Dog Friendly Artificial Grass for North East Pet Owners

Our pet friendly artificial grass is the perfect terrain for your furry friends to enjoy. Mud, urine stains and torn grass will be a thing of the past when you transform your lawn with us today. Find out more below!

Do Dogs Like FAKE Lawn?

Dogs and other pets love the softness of artificial grass. Your pets can run around and play to their hearts content without creating the inevitable mud bath that you get with real grass. Your pets can enjoy playing outside, no matter the weather! No more keeping dogs inside on rainy days or when the ground is scorched. You and your pet can enjoy your garden all year round with an Artificial Grass North East installation.

Your new artificial garden will mean you no longer have to worry about muddy paws, mud baths, damaging the grass if it is dried out by the sun or hurting their paws on hard or burnt ground.

Come to our showroom in Gateshead to meet the team and find out more. Your furry friends are welcome too! Take a look at our online quoting engine to request your free no-obligation grass quote today!

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

Our artificial lawns are 100% pet safe and dogs love them! As the lawn holds no natural scent, they won’t be tempted to dig or do their business on the turf. 

What About the Wee & Poop

Dogs love artificial grass! We have installed hundreds of artificial gardens for pet owners across the North East. If your pet uses the lawn as a toilet, it will not damage or discolour the grass, but it will need to be cleaned to prevent potential smells from occurring.

The difference in the durability of artificial grass as opposed to real turf is astounding. We know that dogs and other pets like to run around in the garden and tend to exercise in the same place. With a real lawn, the grass would be ruined through the mud churning up.

Our grass can withstand heavy use from active pets and will look great for years to come with little to none of the usual doggy wear and tear!
Our artificial grass is non-toxic and is 100% safe for all animals. Here at Artificial Grass North East, our grass is British designed and with you and your pets' safety in mind.
Our artificial grass is 100% permeable meaning liquids drain through the grass without any puddling.
No Discolouration
All of our products are designed so that urine and faeces from pets do not cause discolouration to the product.
No Digging
With our artificial grass, digging will be a thing of the past! Due to the lack of natural smell, dogs are not interested in digging the grass and will usually only enjoy it for playing or rolling on!
No More Muddy Paw Prints
Your pet can enjoy the garden day-in-day-out regardless of the rain! No more muddy paw prints running through the house after a visit to the garden. Happy owner = happy pet!
No More Brown Spots Or Dead Grass
Urine stains can often kill natural grass and make your lawn look unsightly. Our artificial grass is designed to withstand this so you can have a lovely lawn even if the pets use it for the toilet.
Reduces Fleas and Ticks
Due to the lack of soil, fleas and ticks will no longer be a burden to you, your garden or your dog!
Easy Removal Of Faeces
Because of the design of artificial grass, urine will pass through the 100% permeable backing. However, faeces will sit on the top for easy removal and as long as it is cleaned properly there will be no build of smells.

It is up to you what pile length you choose. Come to our showroom to take a look at our full range!
No Chemicals Or Weedkiller!
We all know how dangerous weed-killer or fertilisers can be to our beloved pets. With our artificial grass, these dangerous pesticides will be a thing of the past!