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Easigrass comes in 4 metre wide rolls and the roll is then cut to suit your specific needs.
While there is an 8 year guarantee from the date of installation for Easigrass products, you will get around 15 to 20 years from your artificial grass
Yes. We can provide the Easigrass artificial grass to you with full instructions, advice and joining techniques, so you can take care of the work by yourself if necessary.
Yes. All of the artificial grass supplied is perforated and it can cope with even extreme levels of rainfall. As we utilise fine sand drainage and the artificial grass is bedded on an aggregated sub base, there will be no issue with drainage.
Yes, Easigrass is extremely friendly to pets.
Is there an issue if my dog urinates on the artificial grass?
Remove the offending matter and then wash the surface. Washing the surface will prevent smells lingering and will ensure that no staining occurs.
No, the Easigrass artificial grass is very UV stable. This means it won’t fade, meaning you can rely on its finish staying the same.
Yes. During elongated periods of warmth and sunlight, the artificial grass will be hotter and it is advised to wear something on your feet. It may be advisable to keep children of the grass or at least ensure they know the grass is hotter during warm weather periods.
Of course. Get in touch with us via the online form or give us a phone call. We will provide a visitation at a time that suits you and examine your garden. We will also listen to your needs for your garden. We will then provide you with a no obligation quote.
We have considerable stock of all of our products at our depot. If you only want the product supplied, we normally provide your artificial grass within 48 hours. For a supply and fit order, we usually compete the process within 4 weeks.
Yes, we can trim or cut the artificial grass at any time during the laying process
Yes but you will receive more safety benefits from choosing the “Easi-Shockpad” system, which is a rubber underlay. This drastically reduces the risk of receiving an injury.
Yes, the artificial grass can be cut into any shape and to fit around any existing feature at your property.
There is a need for minimal maintenance and we can offer you a “once a year” maintenance service for an affordable price.
Artificial grass from Easigrass that has been sand filled has been tested by an independent body has been awarded a DIN 51960 Class 1 Certificate. Therefore, we recommend the use of sandfill on all of our products. Sand-filled Easigrass has been tried and tested by an independent body and has been awarded a DIN 51960 Class 1 Certificate. We recommend that sand fill is essential on all Easigrass products.
We provide a 25mm shock pad to help minimise the risk of injury when falling on it. All of our safety systems are safe for schools and nurseries, while they have been made with recycled materials.
Much like real grass, when artificial grass is walked on, it will bend but it can be brought back to its intended state by brushing against the pile.

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