Artificial Grass Gardens

With over 2000 transformations, artificial grass for gardens make up the bulk of our amazing before and afters. Take a look at our work below!

Artificial Grass Garden Benefits

When it comes to making your garden a place you love to spend time in, it couldn’t be easier with Artificial Grass North East. We are recognised as one of the leading artificial grass fitters in the North East and have been present for the huge rise in popularity of this style of surface.

There are so many benefits to choosing this surface, including that it looks great all year round! There is very little need for upkeep which is of considerable benefit to home owners. Many different forms of garden can benefit from this style of lawn, no matter what look you are looking for.

Take the Stress Out of Looking After Your Garden

We can take the stress out of tending your front lawn! This is the area most exposed to visitors and passing comment, so ensure that you always make a positive impression. Tending for a front lawn can often be difficult due to the size or shape of the garden area. With Artificial Grass North East, you have nothing to worry about. You can say goodbye to mowing or watering your front lawn, as well as mess from mud and dirt!

If you are a parent that wants to encourage your kids to be healthy, athletic and energetic, artificial grass is the perfect solution. Your little ones can run, jump, kick and bat all day long, every day, with no impact on how the garden looks. There will be no mud or dirt dragged into your home, helping you to keep it in brilliant condition as well. For a happy and healthy home life in Newcastle, Sunderland or Durham, choose Artificial Grass North East!

Your pets and children can enjoy a safe and secure garden all year round, playing to their hearts content. From running, skipping and jumping, your garden will be a safe haven for your family to enjoy!

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Front Gardens

Nobody likes cutting grass, especially in the front garden! More often than not the front garden is an area that is rarely used but requires regular maintenance. Getting artificial grass installed at the front of any property will be a real time saver.

Back Gardens

Artificial grass in the back garden here in the North East is our most popular service. Unlike the front, this is where we spend most of our time in the garden. Relax and enjoy your open living space with an artificial grass upgrade!

pet friendly artificial grass north east

The Full Works

Dogs and other pets love the softness of artificial grass! Our grass allows them to run around and play to their hearts content without creating the inevitable mud bath that you get with real grass. 

Perfect for Any Home or Family

Our range of artificial grass products are the perfect choice for any home or family. If you are keen to create a consistent and stunning backdrop to your home, this is the garden system to rely on. It can be enjoyed all year round, which means that your home and garden can be the social hub for you and your friends.

Areas We Serve

After starting life in Gateshead, we had a few years in Washington where we built our reputation as the leading North East artificial installers.

Now from our showroom and depot near the Redheugh bridge we are within a short drive to all the major areas we cover.

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