Geordie Shore, the hit MTV Newcastle based programme, returned to TV screens in autumn 2014 featuring local business Easigrass North East’s artificial grass.

Geordie Shore has become a massive name on MTV and is aired throughout the world. Easigrass North East were proud to be asked to supply and install our award winning artificial grass inside the Geordie Shore House for a one off themed party. In two of the episodes produced by Lime Pictures for MTV, the characters enjoyed a specially themed party to celebrate Holly’s birthday and Easi-green was the order of the day. The Easigrass team were in and out of the house in quick succession working around the film crew and other trades ensuring that disruption was kept to a minimum.


“Easigrass North East was a delight to work with when filming Holly’s fairy-themed birthday party for MTV’s Geordie Shore. The Easigrass was mostly used for topping a kitchen island and tables to create the enchanted forest theme. The Easigrass

looked fantastic and really helped create the feel we wanted.” 

Jaime Whitnell, Lime Pictures production team for MTV’s Geordie Shore,


We installed our Easi-Knightsbridge onto table and bench tops to go with the theme of enchanted forest which was chosen by one of the stars of the show for her birthday celebrations. Due to the install only meant to last a few days our team had to use none permanent techniques with our easi bonding onto the tables and benches being sure that no damage would be done once removed. A few days after the install the party had taken place and filming was finished which was our time to remove the grass and all signs that we had been there.

Not only did our grass look fantastic it performed perfectly on the table tops. With the Easi-Knightsbridge unique short pile the cast of Geordie Shore had no issue putting they’re drinks down on the work tops and benches.

A great and exciting artificial grass installation in Newcastle Upon Tyne with excellent effects.