In 2014 Easigrass North East were the first in our region to run the Easigrass TV advert across the North East. Led by our now famous Easi-Bugs, the TV advert is a fun insight into our business and how we can save you time and money by installing an Easigrass Lawn.

Our Easi-Bugs have since become rather famous. You can see them up and down the country on our roads heading out to give new artificial grass quotes to customers and posing at events for selfies and photographs!

Set out as a comedy themed advert our Easi-Bugs were at the top of a hill and seemed to have found something funny that they were watching at the bottom of the hill. As the camera turns the audience can see the Bugs are laughing at a man struggling to mow his grass which our Bugs find hilarious falling into our theme of low maintenance. watch for yourself and see what you think of our advert!