Easigrass Installation Video

When it comes to artificial grass installation in the the North East, a fair few of our customers have questions on how to install artificial grass. Or more precisely how we lay artificial grass. We are please to bring you this video on how all Easigrass artificial lawns are installed by the network across the UK including Easigrass North East.

Installation techniques vary depending on the needs of the job in hand but the video gives an overall idea on how we fit the grass in an average garden. In the video we use a shock pad surface which we offer as an additional extra creating a safer environment for your children where you may have climbing frames or the elderly who may be prone to falling. If you would like to know how we would install our grass in your garden then contact us to arrange a visit where we can show you our samples. Or alternatively visit our showroom where you can see our range of grasses in a larger area.