Artificial Grass Rear Garden Installation

A lot of work has gone into creating this fantastic garden area. The customer raised the garden to match the level of the patio. They then brought the levels up to the required height by installing the hardcore and topping it off with the aggregate as seen in these images.
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Artificial Grass Back Garden (1 Day)

Already prepped we used granno and grass.

The shape is odd but presents no difficulties for our installers. The retired lady who owns the property was considering paving the whole area but has seen our work elsewhere and decided to create a nice green space to enjoy for the summer months and have somewhere for grandchildren to play on.

She chose our grass, famed for its authentic realism and soft luxurious pile. We finish off the excellent work that has been done with a compacted Granite dust topping before applying the new artificial grass.

The grass is rolled out and held in place by sandbags to stop any chance of it moving while it is installed. Although it is difficult to see, there is indeed a join in this garden. This is done using a joining strip and a strong bond adhesive. The two pieces are very carefully put together, so there are no gaps to minimise the joint being visible to the naked eye.

The whole grass is then trimmed and bolstered down around the edges. One of the last parts of the process is to spread kiln-dried sand evenly across the artificial lawn and mechanically brush it deep into the pile to give it weight and to help the blades of the grass stand proud.

As you can see, the customer’s washing line is also returned to its home giving easy access. The whole patio area is cleaned down, and the new lawn is hosed with clean water. We leave our customer delighted and very proud of her new artificial grass lawn in Fenham, Newcastle

Job Description

: 36 Sqm
Installation Time
: 1 Day
Reason for Install
: Real Grass Not Growing Too Well

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