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Fantastic Overhaul Of Burnopfield Yard

Job specifications

Location : Burnopfield, County Durham
Easigrass : Mayfair
Size : 53sq/m
Duration : 1 Day

Paved Family Area In Burnopfield Re-vamped With Luxury Mayfair From Easigrass 



Mr H was looking for a way to transform his back yard from an unusable area to a safe and aesthetically pleasing place for him to enjoy. One of the Easigrass surveyors visited the property and was able to give Mr. H some ideas and show him what we could do for him. Our guys are able to 

Easigrass is so versatile and can be laid on all sorts of surfaces -it opens up a world of possibilities. 




It is a brilliant transformation. We finally have the outdoor space we wanted.

Mr H- Burnopfield, County Durham


We set about preparing the ground and setting out the grass. The preparation for a dry-fit is less than for a garden that we have to dig out so it can be done a little quicker.   There are still options when it comes to a dry-fit over tarmac; for instance you can choose our shock-pad that we can lay underneath the grass that covers all critical fall heights. 

We can attach the product any way you want us too.  We tend to use adhesive on any entrance to the area as this reduces the risk of trip hazards.  We use a kiln dried sand to weight down the grass within the enclosed areas as this allows the grass to settle without any ripples or bumps.  There are many ways install on a 'dry-fit' and we take each job as we see it - We do whatever is best for the customer on an individual basis.

Once the fake lawn is in place we fill the sand with the kiln dries sand and we work it into the base using mechanical brushes, which no only weights the grass down, it helps keep the blades upright and makes the finished product look fantastic. 

As you can see the finished look is outstanding. The luxury Mayfair fake turf with its 50mm pile gives the appearance of a lush and well kept lawn and is soft enough for children to play on and gives you the peace of mind that the area is safe for them.


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